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Take your pilot training to a new dimension thanks to our training creation tool designed for the aviation industry. Easily create and pilot CBTA (Competency Based Training & Assessment) or EBT (Evidence-Based Training) programs that comply with regulations, facilitate instructor reporting and optimize your programs with our data collection tool.

Technologie de formation pour les pilotes

Hinsight is designed for…

Ecole de pilotage

Flight Schools

looking for an efficient solution to monitor pilots progression and manage training operations and scheduling.

Multicompagnie aérienne

Major Airlines

looking for a flexible training management system to manage and standardize training across multiple fleets, job types and subsidiaries.

Compagnie aérienne

Medium Airlines

looking for a plug-and-play solution to  move easily towards EBT/CBTA and  wishing to digitalize their training center.


Centre de formation

Training Providers

looking for a smart solution to assist their instructors and wishing to provide innovative services to their customers.


4 good reasons to choose Hinsight


Easily design training programs that comply with regulations


Engage and support your instructors


Keep a 360° view on your training with reliable data


Save time on administrative management

Training design

Easily design training programs that comply with regulations

Enable your trainers to quickly create, edit and manage training programs that meet your objectives, your business needs and regulatory requirements.

  • Design and configuration of sessions and programs
  • Configuration of your specific training needs and constraints
  • Design of exercises and important parameters for traceability
  • Dynamic verification of program compliance with specific EASA, NAA and ATO/airline standards
Formation des pilotes d'avions
Instructeur de vol

Instructor support

Engage and support your instructors

Provide your instructors with the assistant they need through a tablet application. Note taking, data capture and automatic synthesis for a quicker debriefing. We take care of everything so your instructors can focus on what matters: their trainees. 

  • Digital lesson plan for session preparation
  • Digitized handwritten notes, time-stamped and contextualized observations based on competencies
  • Dynamic scenarios based on previous training sessions and gradings
  • Digital notes report with sorting and filtering features to facilitate debriefing
  • E-grading and dynamic archiving


Keep a 360° view on your training with reliable data

Leverage the power of our data platform to optimize your training programs.

  • Unlimited and customizable analytical dashboards
  • Identify trends, strenghts and weaknesses through training data analytics
  • Identification of security risks during different operational contexts
Analyse de données
Gestion administrative

Training management

Save time on administrative management

Quickly view your pilots’ qualifications and their expiry date directly from your dashboard. Easily schedule training sessions and let our tool automatically archive your documentation to comply with regulations.

  • Qualification management
  • Management of training center scheduling
  • Document management and dynamic archiving


Hinsight's extras

Support et service

24/7 support

Our support team is at your service every day.


Assistance in the deployment and data population

Each time you define a new rule, our tool automatically checks your training for compliance. Be notified in case of non-compliance to act immediately.


An open API compatible with any other systems

Simply connect to all of your training center’s software.


A smooth tool transition

Our team will retrieve and integrate your old data into your new Hinsight training tool.


Turnkey expertise packages

Log in to the “Knowledge Dataplace” and acquire the expertise packages offered by other Hinsight users.

New for 2024

Our upcoming features

New features are coming in 2024!

Safety & Operations

In addition to training data, Hinsight Safety & Operations is the first new generation SMS (Safety Management System) that unifies and aggregates flight operations data (“Normal Operations”) and training data (“Abnormal Operations”). Implement a Risk Management System that allows you to highlight risks that are not visible today and mitigate them dynamically and systematically with ease.

Adaptive learning system

Tell Hinsight your training requirements and needs, and Hinsight’s artificial intelligence does the rest, optimizing your training sessions and programs to meet all of your constraints or those of current regulations. Estimated savings of 95% on program management time.

Take your training to the next level now

Optimize your training programs and improve the skills of your pilots, instructors and training managers today.

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A quick installation in 3 steps

1. Contact us for a demo

Discover all the features of Hinsight and receive an offer at the end of our demo.

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2. Deployment and training of teams

We configure your account and application on a secure cloud or on your servers within a week. We take care of training your managers and trainers to use the application.

3. Enjoy ! 🎉

Hinsight is now deployed, congratulations!


They recommend Hinsight

Avis Corsair
Corsair made a smooth transition to EBT with Hinsight

“Hinsight’s solutions were quickly accepted by our instructors/users, which is fundamental to the success of the transition to EBT. As a training manager, I appreciate the autonomy and the multiple “design” possibilities provided by the use of Hinsight Manager for the construction and editing of sessions. The monitoring of grading and the professional level of the pilots is also optimized by alerts and focus, which facilitates the work of the training manager.”

Antony Zéau
Deputy Training Manager

Avis Airbus
Airbus provides EBT services based on Hinsight

“We chose Hinsight for their advanced technology and commitment to improving pilot training. Their solution has enabled us to provide more efficient EBT services to our customers.”

Head of Training

Avis Mermoz
Mermoz Academy has switched to CBTA for initial pilot training with Hinsight

“Hinsight’s tools and data-driven insights have been invaluable in implementing CBTA for our initial pilot training program.”

Head of Training

Mermoz academy


Discover our Hinsight offers



Take advantage of all the features you need to move to CBTA.



In addition to the Hinsight Digitization features, collect pilot behavior data during training.

Digitalization Enhance
Training Design
Exercice design
Session design
Program design
Automatic compliance check
Event & procedure
Instructor Support
Session preparation
Time management
Digitalized note taking
Dynamic scenarios
Offline / In-Flight availability
Automatic procedure follow-up
Reaction time & Scan Path
Debriefing Support
Digital report
Flight data & Instant Replay
Attention repartition
Unlimited & Flexible Dashboard
Grading & Concordance Analytics
Training center proficiency evolution
Flight data analysis
Attention repartition analysis
Training Operations
Grading Sheets Management
Qualification Management
Planning Follow-up
Data & Document Versioning
Data & Document Extraction
Knowledge Sharing across client
Security & Deployment
Secure connection, 2FA, SSO/SAML
On-Cloud deployment
On-Premise deployment
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About us

Meet the Hinsight team

Hinsight is the first solution combining human factors and flight data analysis.

Hinsight is created by Hinfact, a deeply integrated company into the aeronautical ecosystem partnering with Airbus, Dassault and ENAC.
Our mission is simple: to make the future of pilot training happen now.

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Questions we are often asked

Hinsight offers a complete solution that allows for any type of training for crews while respecting the expected regulatory compliance. Hinsight is the only tool available on the market that can handle all these constraints in an integrated way: a modification on a rule or a course is immediately available to the instructors on the App, without the need for deployment.

Yes, absolutely. We have validated our processes, particularly during audits carried out by Airbus, which is one of our customers.

Our organization complies with the current standards for SaaS solutions, benefiting from all the security systems of our AWS subcontractor, supplemented by a local backup.

Yes, dedicated interfaces are provided for any connection, allowing you to manage input or output data, using several common standards. For example, you can integrate your schedules, your document database, your human resources information, etc.

A PDF extraction of the program is possible, allowing publication, but before that, a Compliance Matrix allows you to check the total adequacy of your proposal with the regulations and rules entered in the system.

For the creators of the exercises and sessions, 2 days of training are necessary to create the rules to be respected (rules, operational instructions, etc.), to create the courses themselves and to verify their compliance. For the instructors, 3 hours are enough to pilot the application during the simulator sessions, manage the debriefing from the collected data and generate the rating at the end of the session. Finally, the “Analytics” part takes 1 day.

Yes, the system allows to easily generate the rules that will have to be applied for the realization or the follow-up of the trainings, for example the Recurrent Training over 3 years, but we can also realize this loading service for you, or thanks to our cooperation with Airbus, it is possible for you to buy the complete Airbus syllabus validated by the authorities

We have developed the “Off-Line” mode which allows the use of the application in simulators or even during control flights. The recorded data are downloaded to the HinSight Manager when the connections are resumed. All the instructor has to do is to initiate the session while connected: choose the session, the flight, the trainee’s registration, etc…

We commit to over 99.8% availability, and 99% including scheduled maintenance. Maximum Allowable Data Loss and Maximum Allowable Downtime are 12 hours and 4 hours respectively.

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